CoCreators provides vibrant and compelling speakers for keynote addresses, sales meetings, corporate workshops, religious institutions, executive education, virtual seminars, panel discussions, moderation & participation in Q&A sessions, seminar leadership, & workshop facilitation.  Our speakers present on a large array of topics that focus on issues surrounding emerging tech, formation, caretaking & societal challenges.  Examples of such speaking topics include:


  • Virtuous Tech: Why We Need Good Tech & How to Make It
  • Planning for the Future: How to Adapt Your Organization for Future Technological Unknowns
  • We Are AI: Nurturing Personal Identity In An Emerging Technological World
  • CoCreation: Finding Purpose in Your Organization
  • The Coming Automation Crisis: How Do I Prepare & Adapt?


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CoCreators is proud to be launching the world’s first theologically informed digital tech magazine – titled: Superposition in July of 2018.

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