science & tech vocational care

The turnover rate in technology is higher than any other occupation in the world.  This occurs as a result of burnout and a lack of vocational purpose and care.  It is widely the case that individuals in science and tech feel underappreciated, overworked and struggle to understand how what they are doing presently connects to any sense of ultimate meaning for their life.


CoCreators specialize in providing care to people in occupations involving science and technology and we develop systems for long-term sustainable care for individuals and organizations.  We want to see you, your team and your organizations flourish.  We want people to wake up excited about what their contributions bring the big picture.  We create longevity in your organization and your life.


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emerging tech financial planning

Are you preparing yourself or your organization for future developments in emerging tech?  The McKinsey Global Institute has posited that up to one-fifth of the global work force will be impacted by automation by 2030.  In that time, they estimate that unemployment rates in the United States will rise between 12% and 22%.  22% unemployment is only 3% less than the Great Depression.  What impact would such a result have on you, your family, your non-profit or your company?


CoCreators provide Individual & Family Financial Planning Services to help you stay ahead of the exponential curve. Are you financially planning for the longer life that emerging technology will provide?  What is your long-term plan for your children as emerging tech shifts the job market?   How will you adjust if your job becomes automated.


CoCreators also provide Non-Profit and Corporate Financial Planning Services to help your team avoid and navigate market anomalies and fluctuations, sustain yourself in times of societal transition due to technology, and give you a market edge when opportunities present themselves.   Stay focused, enabled and confident using our innovative insights and trusted expertise.


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sustainability planning

The biggest complaint that we hear from donors about contributing to non-profit organizations is that they are “tired of throwing money down a ‘black hole of giving’ never to see problems actually fixed” in or by the institutions that they are supporting.   In many religious institutions this has resulted in a significant drop in overall giving.  In other non-profits there is always a constant burden of trying to raise funds to sustain the organization’s mission.


CoCreators Sustainability Planning works directly with your organization to leverage emerging technology in order to help you become a efficient, creative and self-sustainable entity.   Additionally, we reinvigorate your organizations base by providing new, entrepreneurial ways for them to contribute and “be part of the chase.”


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