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Our CoCreators Ideation Seminars help to develop a sense of individual and corporate purpose by helping people to actualize their creativity in community. By inviting people into a creative process, utilizing our unique CoCreator Ideation Canvas, we are able to help people learn how to better utilize the unique gifts that they possess, coupled with emerging technology, to create ideas that will better the world and inspire them to live into their calling to be CoCreators.  Additionally, our seminars’ processes help to shape ideas in ways that encourages the development of future self-sustainable products, services and systems.


Our seminars take place in educational institutions, companies, and organizations and are customized for your context.  If you would like to learn more about or book a CoCreators Ideation Seminar please click here to make a request.


Already have an existing idea that you want help with?  Check out how CoCreators can help you further develop your product, services or systems into sustainable and flourishing offerings.


CoCreators Coaching provides virtue oriented, short term, task oriented, performance driven coaching to help develop individuals, teams and organizations in needed competencies, new systems or additional skills.


For corporate innovative growth strategies, transformation and marketing we partner with The CoCreators Network corporate services arm, to collaborate with or refer to The CoCreators Group.

If you would like to learn more about or schedule CoCreators Coaching please click here to make a request.


CoCreators Mentoring provides virtue oriented, long term, relationship oriented, development driven, formationally designed mentoring to help develop individual and organizational preeminence, flourishing, creative diversity and holistically healthy interactions.


If you would like to learn more about or schedule CoCreators Mentoring please click here to make a request.

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