The CoCreators Network

Our one-of-a-kind CoCreators Network offers dynamic interplay between academic thought leadership, productive coaching, ideation mentoring, and a proven innovation management process that actualizes ideas in ways that benefit humanity and the world. We accomplish this by offering education and engagement to churches, educational institutions, companies, and organizations. Furthermore, we provide tools, structures, and a process that supports people as they turn their ideas into beneficial products or services.


Our unique strategy involves two entities, each with a strategic role in our vision. They interact together to provide the basis for a self-sustainable network of organizations that can scale to significantly impact our technological world. These entities are:

CoCreators (Non-Profit 501c3)

This non-profit gives donors the opportunity to see tangible results from their charitable donations in the future of individuals, groups, and mission-specific causes. As with non-profits like universities, R&D donations can be classified as charitable contributions.

CoCreators Ventures (For-Profit C-Corporation)

CC Ventures is a process based system that gives tech-minded people the support, resources, and funding to commercialize ideas into profitable offerings. Later, initial donors to CoCreators Non-Profit are offered the first opportunity to invest in new ventures through investments  in CoCreators Ventures or partnerships  in new companies.

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