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Educating Towards Technological Reformation

Ideation Cultivation

Engaging Emerging Technological Challenges

Innovating To Better Humanity & The World

About us

our vision

We are the first and only organization in the world with a global mission to inspire and nurture innovators and entrepreneurs into recognizing their God-given gifts to create alongside God in ways that tangibly better humanity and the world.

Grounded in a theology of technology, CoCreators is poised to be a catalyst for the Gospel as we nurture people to become better stewards of technology. By leveraging the strengths of the three unique facets of our revolutionary organizational model, we plan to shape culture by investing in people.

Our goal is to teach and empower people to actualize their God-given innovative abilities in ways that will create market ventures that positively impact the world.

What we do

the global missional witness that will equip people with the teachings, mentoring, and ideation/innovation tools for people to embrace their vocations
as CoCreators in the world. Our goal is to make better leaders who will in turn make better technology that will create a better world.


CoCreators is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that nurtures technological innovation by teaching people how to discover their creative selves.
By combining academic thought leadership with practical application, we help people and institutions to understand and engage emerging technological challenges and opportunities in ways that equip them to develop and steward technology in new and life-affirming ways.


Simultaneously, while CoCreators nurtures the individual, we also seek to shape and transform culture by stewarding emerging tech and the surrounding ideas toward a technological reformation for good.

Our Team

a unique blend of theology and technology

It’s not every day that God brings together a pastor/techno-theologian and a technological innovator. By leveraging the leadership, relationships, and resources of our esteemed CoCreators Team and Advisory Team, we already have the established networks and know-how to implement our multidimensional plan.

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