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Who We Are

CoCreators is a 501c3 non-profit organization that nurtures technological innovation by teaching people how to discover their creative selves. By combining academic thought leadership with practical application, we help people and institutions to understand and engage emerging technological challenges and opportunities in ways that equip them to develop and steward technology in new and life-affirming ways. Simultaneously, while CoCreators nurtures the individual, we also seek to shape and transform culture by stewarding emerging tech and the surrounding ideas toward a technological reformation for good.


Our Story

The inklings of CoCreators were developed when our founder, the Rev. Dr. Christopher Benek – a Presbyterian Minister, gained international attention for his theological assertions regarding artificial intelligence.

Rev. Benek posited the following:

  • Humanity is not God.
  • Therefore, humanity is God’s A.I. (Alternative Intelligence)
  • Therefore, all matter that humanity experiences in the cosmos is effectively divine technology.
  • Humanity’s divine vocation, articulated in the Scriptures, is to be caretakers & CoCreators over all the cosmos – i.e. all technology.


These insights were confirmed when people of faith, from many different traditions, and people who affirmed the possibility of God, but held no specific religious affiliation, began calling Rev. Benek in droves. In almost all cases what people wanted to know was how their scientific and technological vocations were tied to a sense of ultimate meaning. Rev. Benek began ministering to and mentoring many of these individuals, helping to steward their sense of vocational and creative purpose.

After more than a year of traveling the world to speak to people of many cultural backgrounds and countless hours mentoring people, Rev. Benek came to realize that the deep theological needs of global innovators paralleled humanity’s need to live into their creative selves. Soon after, Rev. Benek brought together trusted pastors, subject matter experts and entrepreneurs. After much prayer, discernment and collaborative effort, CoCreators was formed.

Our Theology

We are Caretakers and CoCreators Over All the Cosmos

God has always chosen to use people as vessels for ideas.  We believe that God has uniquely created human beings to be CoCreators – to create with one another and with God – and that we are called to be good stewards of all of creation.  The challenge is that the next great idea that can positively change humanity and the world is likely hidden within the mind of a person who doesn’t have the tools, support, or community to actualize it.

Our Purpose & Our Goal

Our purpose is to provide the global missional witness that will equip people with the teachings, care, mentoring, and ideation/innovation tools for people to embrace their vocations as CoCreators in the world.

Our goal is to shape better people who will in turn make better technology that will create a better world.

For us our theology and our story thus inform our vision and mission statements as well as our slogan written below:

Our Vision Statement
A world where all technology is used for Good.

Our Mission Statement
Inspiring technological stewardship by actualizing creativity.

Our Slogan
Better People, Better Tech, Better World.


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